Sunday, April 30, 2006

Festival preview

The Spiegeltent is here, the Ladyboys of Bangkok tent once again adorns that bit that's not the Old Steine but isn't as far up as St Peter's Church (what is that road called?) and it's only 6 days until the 40th Brighton Festival, the Festival Fringe and Artists' Open Houses kick off.

I plan to update this blog more regularly during the festival, although I am away for most of the first week of the fest.

Below are a few of the events that I plan to see; going on past years this means that I'll actually see about a third of them. If only work didn't get in the way and money was no object!

Stories In Motion- 2 musicians and 2 cult novelists (Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palahniuk) combine to create stories through words, music and visuals. This could either be wonderful or terrible. Just booked a ticket.

Toumani Diabete's Symmetric Orchestra and Cheikh Lo- would love to see this pairing of two huge world music artists, dependent on if I actually have any money left at the end of the festival though.

Richard E. Grant giving a talk in the Books and Debate section of the festival.

I would love to see Groupe F's 'The Light Players' but won't be around on that day. Sounds amazing though.

Every May there are also dozens of offbeat tours looking at Brighton through past events and specific themes. This one gets marks just for the title: Desperate Fishwives.

There are plenty of art and photo exhibitions all over town. I like the sound of Murmuration at Embassy Court.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Western Road- the Real Patisserie

This place has been open for six months or so, maybe longer. It's only recently that I've started wandering up there on a Saturday morning, and it's a little slice of sophisticated French heaven. (Run by real French people, authenticity always helps).

At the moment they have a window display of Easter treats and little chicks hung on branches from the florist down the road. Everything is freshly baked each day, wonderful savoury and sweet tarts, so reasonably priced compared to the chain bakery two doors down (this place seems to be stealing all their custom and it's not hard to see why!).

They sell Orangina in the proper dimpled glass bottles, freshly filled baguettes, chocolate gateaux which looks to die for. In short, it just has that je ne sais quoi which makes a little place so special.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I haven't had the time or the inclination to update here much lately. I have a couple of posts half written, but I like to check the facts before I post something with a historical basis.

Expect a few posts in the next couple of days.

I'm also planning to make this a Festival blog during the month of May- the odd review, an overview of what's going on, whatever takes my fancy. Festival time is my favourite time of year, and I can't wait.

I also want to give a plug to this blog which is fantastic: Brighton Daily Photo